Jacques “JackedUp” Sparrow;

A self-taught artist born, raised and located in Amsterdam.

After making it through all kinds of mischievous shenanigans the XXX (Amsterdam) threw at him, he started to critically observe everything around him and wanted to be an influence for the better. Thus, with the limited resources available, he created an app that would connect people in a different way. This became an award winning app but unfortunately failed financially.

Back in limbo and still loaded with his ambiguous experiences and influences of his surroundings he gradually turned all that energy into (street)art.

You might’ve seen some of his works hanging in and around Amsterdam, which he leaves behind as a tribute to his beloved city. He also has some works hanging in Spain, France, Belgium, Austria and U.S.A. As for the company cooperations he has under his belt;


Cheers, Blessings & Good Vibes.

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